Healthy Hump 3-Step Daily Facial Regimen: Cream Cleanser, Vitamin C Night Serum, & Camel Milk Day Cream

Healthy Hump 3-Step Daily Facial Regimen: Cream Cleanser, Vitamin C Night Serum, & Camel Milk Day Cream

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Healthy Hump 3-Step Soothe & Restore Facial Set

Step 1: Cream Cleanser, 3.8 fl. oz. 

Created to lock in moisture and retain skin’s natural oils, keeping the healthy barrier intact. Includes a light blend of three non-clogging oils, each with their own unique properties. Coconut oil has been shown to be an amazing moisturizer and a natural exfoliant which makes skin look and feel younger. Olive oil contains natural anti-aging antioxidants which help to boost skin tone, eliminate wrinkles and age spots and smooth skin. Rice bran oil is a natural anti-inflammatory with the ability to soothe irritation and reduce redness and flare ups. 

Other ingredients include aloe vera juice and safflower oil for additional moisturizing benefits. 

Instructions: Combine cream cleanser with lukewarm water and massage onto face with fingertips. Wash off with water or wipe with a wet facial cloth. Use cleanser morning and night for best results. 

Ingredients: water, coconut and olive oil, potassium hydroxide, rice bran oil, natural emulsifying wax, aloe vera juice, vegetable stearic acid, safflower oil, vegetable glycerin, silver dihydrogen citrate, citric acid

Step 2: 10% Vitamin C Serum, 1 fl. oz. 

A gentle night serum to slough off dead skin cells to reveal healthy, vibrant skin! Vitamin C has been shown to be a strong but gentle acid with antioxidant benefits to encourage cell turnover, reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.   

Instructions: For sensitive skin, apply serum every other night for 2 to 3 weeks to build tolerance. Afterward, use every night for a clear, dewy glow in the morning. 

Ingredients: water, aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, L-ascorbic acid, vegetable glycerin, xantham gum, silver dihydrogen citrate, citric acid 

Step 3: Facial Day Cream, 3.8 fl. oz. 

A natural, gentle and light-weight day cream for irritation and redness. Suggested as a facial day cream but the versatility of the lotion allows for many more uses. Use as a light hand cream, body lotion, or spot cream if preferred! 

A creamy, light-weight lotion to help soothe and restore skin's natural barrier over time. If you've been looking for a long-lasting moisturizer that isn't greasy and absorbs quickly then you've found it! Similar to the consistency of a body lotion but luxurious and velvety. 

Exotic camel milk has been used in the Middle East for thousands of years and is naturally rich in AHA's which exfoliate dead skin to reveal new cells, as well as iron and vitamins D & C. The lactic acid in camel milk helps even skin tone and brighten. It contains six different fatty acids including lanolin acid which is effective at controlling wrinkles. The milk proteins are great for moisturizing skin. 

Studies suggest camel milk is antimicrobial in nature and helps prevent bacterial infection, and is an excellent disinfectant. It is widely used as a remedy for autoimmune disorders. 

The Healthy Hump Camel Milk Soothe & Restore Day Cream is also infused with Oregon grape root which has been found to act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent for skin and a subtle hint of frankincense with lavender have been added to provide extra anti-inflammatory benefits.  The mango butter and safflower oil in our camel milk lotion adds extra moisture without clogging pores!

 Instructions: Apply after cleansing and before the application of foundation. Recommendation is twice a day. Apply as needed to dry skin. 

Ingredients: water, vegetable glycerin, mango butter, safflower oil, vegetable e wax (palm oil derivative), vegetable stearic acid, camel milk, Oregon grape root, potassium sorbate and silver dihydrogen citrate, frankincense and lavender oil


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